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Over-the-Phone Interpreter Services

Telephone Interpreters available 24/7

Say It Their Way

Whether you’re dealing with the unpredictable stress of a 9-1-1 emergency or have a recurring need for interpreting over-the-phone, we understand that time is of the essence. And so is quality.

Always available

Our telephone interpretation service is available around-the-clock, every day of the year. Our state-of-the-art call center and proprietary call routing database allow us to respond to your needs immediately. That means you can call us at any hour, any day, and we’ll connect you, your clients or your patients to one of our professional telephone interpreters within minutes.

Native in nearly all tongues

We offer telephone interpretation services in more than 240 languages and dialects, and can accommodate call centers and industries like court/legal, general business, government and healthcare/medical.

We make sure our telephone interpreters are carefully screened, certified and trained in OPI (Over-the-Phone Interpreting) techniques. They’re knowledgeable about healthcare-related claims and administrative hearings too. The result: They’re not simply providing word-for-word interpretation; they’re ensuring meanings come across loud and clear.

Cost effective and flexible

A quick phone call is all it takes to get connected to one of our professional, telephone interpreters in mere seconds. Once you’re a Lifelinks customer, you’ll receive your own toll-free dial-in number. That way, when you call us, we’ll be ready to meet your individual needs even before we pick up the phone.


Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services are so easy to use. We just click on a icon and there’s the live interpreter.

Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services software is easy to download and test. We access it wirelessly throughout our many buildings.

GH, Springfield, Mo.

Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services provides us with ON-DEMAND 24/7/365 access to a nationally certified ASL interpreter within 30 seconds. We couldn’t be more satisfied!

AH, Tampa, Florida

Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services enables us to access 180 languages over the phone so we have ONE STOP shopping and 1 invoice.

FT, Austin, Texas

The documentation that Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services provides includes the date and time of the ASL interpreting session and has spared us a lawsuit.

BH, Memphis, Tenn.

With Lifelinks we can access foreign languages over video including Spanish 24/7.

JP,Mobile, Ala.

Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services has friendly, tech-savvy interpreters that have enabled us to access the service without contacting our IT.

MM, Philadelphia, PA