Hospital Patients Offered Long Distance Telephone Service Via their Bedside Monitor

LifeLinks@Home in the Hospital is the first company to offer hospital patients 60 minutes of long distance international or domestic telephone service via their bedside monitor.

(PRWEB) October 18, 2003

Imagine talking to your friends in other cities from your hospital bed, hands free.The speakers are in your bedside computer monitor. You may have just had a baby and want to show him/her off to Grandma–now you can, from the convenience of your hospital bed.No need to get out of bed or even reach for the phone.Just “touch screen telephone”,your desired number, and you’re connected.Best of all, with LifeLinks internet access, 60 minutes of long distance international amd/or domestic calling is free.No more paying overpriced credit card rates for long distance access in the hospital.Although most hospitals offer local calls at a flat rate, or even free,you are at the phone company’s mercy for domestic and,certainly, international,long distance–paying collect, third party rates or credit card billing fees. NO-MORE!
LifeLinks also offers TV,Cable TV,Video-conferencing with family, friends, physician,& classroom, a live interpreter(within seconds) in different languages, and even a sign language interpreter, for the deaf and the elderly, on the bedside monitor screen, making you feel “AT HOME IN THE HOSPITAL.”(

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