About Us

About Us

LifeLinks is the premier provider of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), offering world-class, internet-based video interpreters and impeccable video quality on virtually any computer, mobile handheld device or tablet.

LifeLinks was established in 2002 by a physician who saw the need for a more convenient, reliable and cost-effective way for patients to obtain interpreting services, rather than having to rely on on-site interpreters.

Its 24-hour, on-demand and scheduled video remote interpreting services provides qualified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters when you need them. LifeLinks also provides telephone interpreting in up to 180 other spoken languages.

LifeLinks’ ASL interpreters are nationally certified through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). They are trained and certified in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), making them HIPAA compliant. LifeLinks’ spoken language interpreters are credentialed, professional, experienced, trained, and evaluated.

Demand for LifeLinks’ services has spread beyond the medical sphere to the corporate and legal sectors. Courtrooms, police and homeland security use LifeLinks’ 128-bit-encrypted interpreting service, both on its own and to supplement on-site interpreters. LifeLinks is useful in virtually any industry!

The LifeLinks team is dedicated to ongoing development of new technology to make secure access to quality interpreting services easier for our customers.


Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services software is easy to download and test. We access it wirelessly throughout our many buildings.

GH, Springfield, Mo.

Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services are so easy to use. We just click on a icon and there’s the live interpreter.

With Lifelinks we can access foreign languages over video including Spanish 24/7.

JP,Mobile, Ala.

Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services has friendly, tech-savvy interpreters that have enabled us to access the service without contacting our IT.

MM, Philadelphia, PA

The documentation that Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services provides includes the date and time of the ASL interpreting session and has spared us a lawsuit.

BH, Memphis, Tenn.

Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services provides us with ON-DEMAND 24/7/365 access to a nationally certified ASL interpreter within 30 seconds. We couldn’t be more satisfied!

AH, Tampa, Florida

Lifelinks Video Interpreting Services enables us to access 180 languages over the phone so we have ONE STOP shopping and 1 invoice.

FT, Austin, Texas